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What Is Attract It!?
Making the Law of Attraction Work for You
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Playing Your Way to Success

What if you could change your destiny in an hour by playing a game?


Attract It! is a fun board game based on the Law of Attraction for one to nine players. It can also be used as a wisdom oracle, a self-development course, and a powerful meditation tool for personal and spiritual growth.


Every moment, you are automatically attracting people, things, and situations into your life. You are a magnet. You attract into your life whatever you focus upon. That’s the Law of Attraction! Changing what you put out changes what you receive back.

Do you have a strong desire to create a better life, grow as a person or experience more happiness?


Attract It! helps you to master the art of effectively applying the Law of Attraction. The game helps you to set clear goals, take action, and focus on what you want. Make the Law of Attraction work for you and increase your positive energy by sharing, visualizing, laughing, learning, and growing.

Do you remember the games you played as a child where you could be anyone and do anything you imagined − without limits?

Attracting new things into your life is a lot like a game. Once you decide on what you want, you can play your way to creating it. Why not make reaching your goals a fun game instead of a job?


Playing Attract It! can help you make your goals become realities. With Attract It! the power is in your hands!

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“I have played "Attract It!" five times, and the results are amazing! This game brings together a myriad of fun tools to manifest exactly what you want. I have never seen a more complete platform for manifesting, and it's easy and enjoyable to play with a group or alone.”

     - Cathie M., Colorado


“I attracted it! In the game my statement had to do with attracting my dream home. I JUST SIGNED THE LEASE! It has a great roommate, a beautiful view, close location to work and a CAT. I have been so grateful. Each day I have a moment when I can’t believe my life and that this happened and then I thank myself for attracting it. I think I picked all the right cards and they played out incredibly. I am so happy. Thank you for helping me attract it!”

     - Aliya R., Colorado

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