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Ask Attract It!

Attract It! was developed as a fun way to set and reach your goals. This page answers commonly asked questions about the Law of Attraction and playing Attract It! You apply the Law of Attraction every day. Learning how to improve your results takes understanding, tools and - above all - practice. We welcome your questions and feedback.

“Attract It! is life-changing! I have been working with the Law of Attraction for several years, but it always seemed to take a lot of effort, and have limited results. Attract It has been a re-creation of what it means to Manifest! Having the life you want is about fun and ease! I have played Attract It 4 times now, and immediately after each game, I received exactly what I asked for! I asked for a thriving business, and immediately I was contacted by new clients. I asked for a great home, and received it a few days later! I am so excited to have such a valuable tool that is so fun and easy to use. Thank you Attract It! I am so excited to attract the life of my dreams! I feel like Attract It is a new cheat code to life! I can have anything I want, all I have to do is play a game! Attract it is fun, easy, and inspiring. I am so excited for what my life is going to become!”

     - Amanda R., Colorado


“Attract It! is a fun and engaging way to define your personal goals and magnify your intentions. The game is positive and uplifting, the instructions are easy to understand, and creating intentions in a group really seems to magnify the vibration of each players intention! It also seems like it would be fun to play solo! Our group really supported each other during the game and it definitely flowed into the next week as we followed up on goals that we each set. In fact, within minutes of one of our players asking to "Attract" more clients, his phone rang with two new clients!! We were all amazed! I have continued to recite my intention every day and truly feel more inspired, clear, and motivated.”

     - Kristin M., Michigan

  • I’m not good at visualizing what I want. Will this stop the Law of Attraction working for me?
    It can be frustrating to be told to just “visualize what you want.” The truth is that some people can hold a very clear picture of a goal for minutes at a time, and others are better at feeling or thinking about what they want. There is no single, perfect way to visualize; there are many ways. The important thing is to consistently focus on your goal with a relaxed attitude. Experiment with different techniques. Find ones that feel the best for you and fit your style. Trust that if you feel good when visualizing, it will work for you. Attract It! offers many ways to choose from to help you focus on your goal and get results.
  • What’s the best game mode for Attract It!?
    All of them are helpful. Every time you play, be spontaneous and have fun. Try different modes to discover all the interesting ways you can become magnetic to a goal. Playing Attract It! solo can be just as powerful as playing with friends. There is no best way to play.
  • I’ve read a lot of books about the Law of Attraction but I haven’t gotten what I wanted. How can I get what I want?
    If you wanted to fully experience the benefits of yoga, reading a book about yoga would not be enough. You would need to physically practice yoga regularly to get results. Reading books about the Law of Attraction is a good first step. After that, you will need to practice what you have learned through some type of action or technique. There are many. Over time, applying the Law of Attraction becomes a lifestyle. Mental understanding is not enough. Playing with the wide variety of techniques in Attract It! is one way to help you to effectively practice the Law of Attraction instead of just thinking or talking about it.

DISCLAIMER: Playing Attract It! does not guarantee that a goal you set will be achieved during or after gameplay. Attract It! helps you to focus on your goals and makes you magnetic to reach them. Playing Attract It! is not an excuse to not take action in the real world, learn new skills, or develop your talents and abilities. If you want an outer change in your life, both inner change and outer action is needed. Attract It! games are for entertainment purposes only. They are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please seek the help of a professional as needed.

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