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Attract It Games offers products that entertain and empower. Our goal is to make goal achievement, self-improvement and personal and spiritual growth fun. Started in 2017, the company is based in Colorado in the United States.







“Attract It! is about tuning in to the Law of Attraction with a group of like-minded individuals in fun and creative ways. Every throw of the dice brings each player into deeper focus on what is wanted and desired. I really enjoyed playing and loved hanging out “In The Vortex” with friends throughout the game and beyond!”

     - J.K., Colorado



I played Attract It! with a goal of healthy lungs, because I've suffered with chronic bronchitis for 20 years.  Within a few weeks, I noticed significant relief from the inflammation in my lungs and a noticeable reduction in my nagging cough.  The only explanation is that Attract It! works!

     - T.M., Denver







Our Story


By Egan Sanders

I’ve always been fascinated by the Law of Attraction and self-improvement, and influenced by the Human Potential Movement of the 1960s. I dropped out of college to study these ideas and eventually became a life coach, author, and personal and spiritual development teacher. I intensely wanted to actualize my full potential. I also had a strong desire to help other people change their lives, feel better emotionally, or solve problems. 


In the summer of 2017, I suddenly found myself feeling trapped and unsatisfied with my life. Despite getting many good results with Law of Attraction techniques in the past, I was now moving in a different direction, and I sensed I had hit a personal wall. To quickly change this, I was anxiously riding a self-improvement rollercoaster of emotional highs and lows as I worked with many transformation ideas on a daily basis. To get the results I wanted, I had given myself the full-time job of keeping all of my thoughts positive while aggressively visualizing achieving my goals.


The results I got were inconsistent, leaving me confused and exhausted by all the effort. Instinctively, I knew I was pouring on too much energy, hoping to force things to happen out of a fear of failing. I just couldn’t figure it out. I was afraid to stop doing the techniques, yet also wondered if there could be an easier way or system - not only for me, but for everyone - to successfully apply the Law of Attraction.


I had to admit to myself that my discipline of transformation techniques had gone stale. Going through my big stack of techniques scribbled onto 3 x 5 cards every day had become a frustrating chore. Creating a better life was now a serious project. I missed the joy and excitement I had gotten in the past from self-improvement and exploring the meaning of life when there had been no pressure on getting results.


One day around this time, a new idea came to me as I watched a father fold a supermarket receipt into a paper airplane to entertain his child. Every time he playfully sent it gliding into the air, his child was thrilled to watch it take flight, eagerly retrieving it and demanding that his father make it gracefully fly again and again. The magical paper airplane soon got crushed in all the excitement. The father was now simply throwing out a ball of paper, which his child still found highly entertaining as a game of chasing and returning. 


This scene took me back to my own childhood. I remembered the joy of playing games where I could be anyone and do anything I imagined − without limits. A flood of happy memories came over me as I recalled that even simple activities were satisfying. As a child I felt free to be creative, explore and make a game out of almost anything for hours at a time. I missed that feeling. 


A light bulb went off in my mind watching the airplane game. To me, it looked like the child was now just picking up garbage - but because his father had made it into a game, the child was enjoying it rather than thinking it was a dull chore or job. I asked myself the following questions:

  • Could I make the stressful chore of setting and achieving goals an energizing game?

  • Was there some way to make applying self-change techniques a fresh experience every time?

  • What if I could make the Law of Attraction into some type of game and have fun with it?

  • What would happen if I could just roll dice, move a game token and pick a Law of Attraction technique at random to help me become magnetic to the goals I desired?

  • Could changing my destiny by setting goals and applying just the right amount of action be as easy as aiming and throwing the paper airplane where I wanted it to go?


Just the thought of changing my life by playing a fun game rather than a working at a stressful job made me instantly relax.  I began to remember times in the past when I had set clear goals, took action, and had attracted everything I needed like a magnet. What if could create what I wanted as easily as when I was a child playing games? Just because I was an adult, did everything need to be so serious and such hard work?


And that’s how I attracted Attract It! Within a week I had a simple game board, a rough draft of the Position cards, and an entirely different way of reaching my goals. I had taken the best Law of Attraction and self-help techniques I knew, and made them into short game exercises, questions, and meditations. When playing Attract It! by myself, I found I wasn’t bored or stressed anymore. I no longer found myself restlessly digging through books searching for the perfect technique, listening to motivational lectures, or straining to figure out how to get what I wanted. I just played the game, made myself more magnetic to achieving my goals, and took sensible actions.


Later I began playing two-person Attract It! games, which expanded into larger groups. The feedback was very positive. Players reported getting wonderful insights, clarity, support, and results by playing Attract It! The positive responses encouraged me to keep improving and refining the game, and in doing so, realizing my own goal of helping more people succeed.


After a few months I noticed changes in myself and my life. The ideas in the game became a natural part of my lifestyle, like brushing my teeth and exercising. Words from the Position cards would effortlessly come into my mind just when I needed them. I was able to positively shift my emotions, beliefs, and actions with greater ease. Consistently playing Attract It! helped me to change old negative patterns and habits in a gentler way. Effort had been replaced with play.


With the game, I felt like I had the power to change my destiny in an hour or less by using Attract It! in four ways: as a fun board game for solo or group play, a personal self-development course, an inspiring wisdom card oracle, and as a meditation tool.


I attracted Attract It! by questioning if getting what I wanted could be easier, setting a new goal for myself, and taking action. May you achieve all the goals you set for yourself - and Attract It!

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